La grenade, an hymn for feminists

Clara Luciani is one of the most popular artists of the moment in France. His single “La Grenade” has become the anthem of certain feminist movements and is broadcast on national radio stations. She recently received the prize for the best female artist this year at the French music victories.

clara luciani
Concert of Clara Luciani, at the prix de Diane, the most popular horse race in France

This first EP then gave him the opportunity to record his very first album. Entitled “Sainte-Victoire”, it was released in April 2018 and brings together several successful titles, including the essential “La Grenade” and “Comme toi”. On this record, the artist claims his heterogeneous influences, such as Françoise Hardy, Michel Legrand or Paul McCartney. She is considered THE French pop revelation of the year.

Clara Luciani’s guitarist

Clara Luciani unveils new duets

The artist returns to the front of the stage, in July 2020, with a collaboration this time British. It is indeed with Alex Kapranos, the singer of the rock group Franz Ferdinand, that Clara releases the title “Summer Wine”. This song must appear on the singer’s next album. Clara Luciani also unveils another duet a few months later on Julien Doré’s album, “Aimée”, released in September 2020. The title is called “L’ïle auemain”.

clara luciani

A new musical inspiration Three years after her first album, Clara Luciani finds musical inspiration to offer her fans a new opus. On June 11, 2021, the album “Heart” was released, first teased with the song “Le Reste”. Earlier this summer, Clara Luciani released her new single, “Breathe Again”. Other titles, such as the duet with Julien Doré for “Sad & Slow”, are also to be discovered, online on the platforms or live as the singer embarks on a tour of the Zéniths.

clara luciani
She makes me think of the singer Françoise Hardy on some photos
clara luciani
clara luciani
Concert of Clara Luciani, prix de Diane, chantilly, france
New Calra Luciani’s single

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