The American filmmaker, Wes Anderson, signs a crazy comedy in vintage France. In « the French dispatch« , he leads in his sweet madness an impressive cast: Bill Murray, France Mc Dormand, Benicio Del Toro, Léa Sedoux, Tilda Swinton…

A movie shot in the french town of Angoulème

« This is the first time that I read a script and that I do not see anything to change, so everything is perfect » declared this morning Bill Murray on the antenna of France Inter in the Boomerang show of Augustin Trappenard, by the way from the film « The French dispatch ». Shot in the city of Angoulème before the pandemic, this eagerly awaited film by the author of « The grand Budapest Hotel » was presented at the last Cannes film festival and is released in cinemas across France this Wednesday.

« It invites us to reflect on the past »

The film sets the scene for Ennui-sur-Blasé, an Angoulème with false airs of Paris. It is cut up like a newspaper, section by section, in which delirious characters parade. Among them are the incredible adventures of an assassin turned modern art specialist in prison. Wes Anderson stages each shot of « the French dispatch » with undeniable virtuosity and the sets are breathtaking. The film is visually stunning, the director’s unusual humor is always the same and we find it with pleasure. « It invites us to reflect on the past and all that has gone from it, » journalist Augustin Trappenard said this morning of the film.

the french dispatch

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