Want to dine in a cozy and discreet place in a chic and Parisian atmosphere? Lapérouse is the address for you. A meeting place for all of Paris at the time, we now meet Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian … And the desserts are concocted by one of the greatest current pastry chefs: Christophe Michalak.

laperouse paris

Alcove-lounges restaurant

Located in an 18th century mansion near the banks of the Seine, on three floors, this is one of the last Parisian restaurants offering small alcove-lounges where you can have lunch or dinner in privacy in a subdued setting. The service is done “with the bell” to call the waiter, in order to respect the privacy of the customers. Moreover, for private rooms, the waiter announces his entrance by knocking on the door, a little nod to the history of the place … Indeed, we often came to the restaurant Lapérouse for meals in all discretion.

laperouse paris terrace

One of the best french tables

It all began in 1766, when a certain Monsieur Lefèvre, lemonade to King Louis XV, bought a small mansion. Quickly, Lefèvre decided to open the maid’s rooms on the 1st floor for passing guests. The salons of Lapérouse which will make its fame were born. Around 1850, Jules Lapérouse became the new owner and changed the ornamentation of the small private rooms now decorated with paintings and mirrors on various themes (literature, love, travel). It works so that the establishment moves upmarket. The address officially becomes “Lapérouse” in tribute to its owner but also to the great navigator Jean-François Lapérouse. At the same time, the great chef, Escoffier, took care of the stoves of the restaurant. The cook of kings aspired to install Lapérouse among the best French tables. Lapérouse continues to be a Parisian hotspot, opening up more to notables, politicians and established businessmen.

laperouse paris table

“Taper la cloche”

It was under its low ceilings that the phrase “Taper la clochel” which means “banging your head” was born. Indeed, the gentlemen in top hats were banging their heads in the doorways. Popular with all of Paris, the restaurant was frequented by many personalities, including Maupassant, Zola, Musset, Hugo, Balzac, Rodin…. At the time, customers brought their mistresses there with discretion. To verify that the jewels that their lovers gave them were real, they scratched the mirrors of the restaurant with the precious stones. These traces have been preserved to the present day (dates, first names, intertwined hearts, etc.).


51 Quai des Grands Augustins

75006 Paris

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