The singer Pomme has just been crowned best female artist at the recent Victoires de la Musique. A year after having landed the “revelation album”, Pomme symbolizes this new generation of committed artists.

pomme singer

One of the most fashionable singers of France

Claire Pommet, known as Pomme, is an artist who has managed to fit into the category of singers who refuse to be formatted. At 24, she became the youngest French music award winner since Vanessa Paradis, 18 in 1990. In just a few years, Apple has become one of the most fashionable singers of the moment, and continues to exploit its very successful album les failles, unveiled in 2019. Indeed, after the titles anxiety or grandiose, it is with the song Les sequoias that the young artist, 24 years old, decided to ride on the success of her latest opus.

Conscious of climatic dangers

A committed song in which the singer is the spokesperson for the planet and addresses the very worrying subject of climatic dangers. A committed artist Pomme has been very involved since its inception on many subjects, it is also on feminism and the power of men over women. For Apple, “this generation is the last generation who closed their eyes to a lot of things, and which suddenly opens their eyes now. When we were 12, 13, 14 years old, there were things that happened. were passing and which did not shock us. Now that shocks us. We are the last generation to have experienced intense homophobia, intense racism … even if there are still some today, now, it is singled out “, she declared on the radio France-Inter.

Symbol of a generation

Symbol of a generation that does not intend to be silent or to fade away, symbol of a movement for the liberation of speech in the world of music, she had already launched a paving stone in the pond, by publishing a few days before the ceremony an open letter evoking the gender-based and sexual violence she suffered between the ages of 15 and 17. “My arrival in music was traumatic,” she says. The one who has distinguished herself for 2 years by her song as delicate as it is assertive does not hesitate to denounce sexism and defend the LGBT cause. “I take on my homosexuality very naturally, for example by using female pronouns in my songs. And I think that’s important considering the number of thank you messages I get. As a teenager, I too would have liked to be able to recognize myself in lesbian singers. “

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