A copy of the Mona Lisa will be sold today in Paris. This piece is not the original, it was painted a century after Leonardo da Vinci’s.

Rediscoverred 6 months ago

This copy, rediscovered six months ago during a family inventory near Paris, is estimated between 150,000 and 200,000 euros. But the craze for the Louvre icon could raise the stakes. In the history of the many copies of the Mona Lisa, the last, a 17th century painting, sold this summer for nearly 3 million euros.

Mona Lisa copy

110 versions worldwide

This very famous painting has been so duplicated that we could open a museum with all its replicas. In fact, 110 Mona Lisa have been identified around the world. In France, about fifteen Mona-Lisa are exhibited. The Mona Lisa sold today is said to have been painted in 1600 in Fontainebleau. The real Mona Lisa was exhibited in the castle of Henri IV and it is in front of her that the anonymous artist would have made this painting which resembles a few details to the original.

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