With her first novel, which has conquered more than 300,000 readers since its publication a year ago , Olivia Ruiz has made a triumphant entry into literature. And “La commode aux tiroirs de couleurs” becomes a comic strip.

Inspired by Olivia Ruiz’s family history

Inspired by the history of her Franco-Spanish family, Olivia Ruiz’s first novel “la commode aux tiroirs de couleurs” is a vibrant and luminous story about exile and the weight of roots interweaving family secrets and great history in a language dreamlike in the image of his songs. This moving book on parentage and memory paints the portrait of four generations of indomitable women Thanks to the talent and professionalism of the team formed by Hervé Richez, the result is remarkable. There is no doubt that this album, on which the singer was keen to imprint her mark on each page, will allow new readers to be reached: a beautiful setting, to offer in images the secrets of these four generations of women, between Spain and France. , around the destiny of the indomitable and unforgettable Rita

olivia ruiz

Faithful to the main lines of the book

The result remains faithful to the main lines of the book. This sunny and luminous Franco-Spanish saga focuses on the consequences of the Iberian Civil War in an original way. If it is not autobiographical, the story touches by its approach to the tragedy of the exodus, by refocusing on the fate of Rita, a girl forced into exile to escape the dictatorship and forced to settle down. in the gypsy quarter of Narbonne. Her destiny as a woman will inevitably be affected, transformed, but with wounds carefully hidden at the bottom of the dresser drawers. The emotion also arises from the very controlled staging and the atmospheres created by the choice of colors and shades which bring a character as authentic as it is elegant. The gamble has been successful with this beautiful adaptation of a bestseller that repeats the journey of a lifetime to the heart of a family history mistreated by the scars of history.

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