The title of the new detective novel by the best-selling writer in France, Guillaume Musso, “L’inconnue de la Seine”(“The unknown of the Seine”) , was inspired by a 19th century news item.

An intriguing story

It’s a famous news item that had been running through Guillaume Musso’s head for years. The story of a woman found drowned in the Seine in Paris at the end of the 19th century and so beautiful that a death mask of her face was made. Except that in her last thriller, the one that is fished out at the foot of the Pont-Neuf is very much alive. She just has amnesia … “The Unknown of the Seine” is a pure thriller that you won’t be able to let go once you start. The action takes place on a misty December night, a young woman is fished out in the Seine near the Pont-Neuf. Naked, with amnesia, but alive. Very agitated, she was taken to the infirmary of the Paris police headquarters … from where she escaped after a few hours. DNA analysis and photos reveal his identity: it is the famous pianist Milena Bergman. But that’s impossible, because Milena died in a plane crash over a year ago. Raphaël, her former fiancé, and Roxane, a policewoman weakened by his recent shutdown, become passionate about this investigation, determined to clarify this mystery: how can we be both dead and alive?

Guillaume Musso's new Novel 'the unknown of the seine"

A bestselling author

A breathtaking story whose success is already in doubt. The 47-year-old writer is by far the one who sells the most books in France today, with sales exceeding 1.5 million copies in 2020. Each release is therefore an event awaited by hundreds of thousands. of fans.

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