A stone’s throw from the Olympia, where she has already performed as a singer, Vanessa Paradis, the ex-companion of Johnny Depp, takes her first steps on the boards of a theater in “Maman“, in a role written to measure by her husband Samuel Benchetrit .

Vanessa Paradis’s theater debut

Bright, disturbing in sincerity, the actress seduces hearts with her playing with finesse. Jeanne (amazing Vanessa Paradis) runs a clothing store for mothers-to-be. One winter evening, a few days before Christmas, after closing her store, she stands in the cold on the sidewalk, in front of the still-lit storefront of her store. Wrapped up in a magnificent fur coat, she waits for a taxi, which must take her home. A young man (dark Félix Moati), a nice “bad boy”, a big tough guy with a loose heart, who takes her for a prostitute, accosts her. From this chance encounter, an astonishing and disturbing relationship is born.

Vanessa paradis at theater in Maman

The psychology of a mother

Exploring both dramatic and comedic aspects, Samuel Benchetrit tells a story that mixes the difficulties of the couple, the issue of motherhood, the desire for filiation, and even the trauma of sexual assault. The apparently light piece carries serious themes. The psychology of a mother through the love she has for her child, as well as that of a woman, with her life experience. Vanessa Paradis, with her suave voice and her grace captivates the spectators, a beautiful debut in the theater for her.

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