Located at 49 rue Gabrielle, in the 18th arrondissement, is Picasso‘s first studio, which he occupied during his first stay in Paris from October to December 1900, the window of which can be seen on the second floor.

Picasso's first studio, 49 rue Gabrielle, Paris
Picasso’s first studio, 49 rue Gabrielle, Paris

Beginnings in misery

During this stay in Paris, Pablo Picasso participated in the Universal Exhibition. He was 19 years old and has been successfully painting and drawing for ten years. He joined Spanish friends already installed on the Butte Montmartre. These are months of artistic research and dire poverty because he refuses to draw for magazines. He then met the art dealer Pedro Manach who offered him 150 Francs (25 Euros) per month for a few works. This is where Picasso began his “blue period”. He also painted his famous painting of the “Moulin de la galette”.

Fascinated by Parisian nights

During his two-month stay, Picasso immersed himself in art galleries as well as in the cafes, nightclubs and dance halls of Montmartre. Le Moulin de la Galette, his first painting of Parisian, reflects his fascination with the decadence that reigned in this famous dance hall.

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