Created for the 1931 International Colonial Exhibition, the Porte Dorée tropical aquarium was for a long time the only aquarium in the capital.

An Art Deco monument

In the basement of the old museum of African Arts, an aquarium was created during the colonial exhibition of 1931. Clown fish, scorpion fish, sharks, piranhas… in all more than 5000 animals and 3000 species are to be discovered in this magnificent Art Deco monument. Since 2007 the palace has also housed the Museum of the History of Immigration. Since the beginning of 2014, the Aquarium has been welcoming two young albino alligators. These are extremely rare specimens; a rarity that comes from genetics since each of the two parents must be the carrier of the genes responsible for albinism.

aquarium of Paris

New interactive terminals for children

Since 2018, the Aquarium has reworked its entire route for children; booster seats for children to allow them to see the fish, 6 interactive terminals full of additional information, but also the rewriting of labels, these animal presentation sheets. These sheets provide us with a distribution map of the species, its protection status (protected, endangered species, etc.), and above all specific anecdotes to interest children.

Aquarium Tropical

293 avenue Daumesnil

75006 Paris

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