True success on Broadway since its creation in 1997, The Lion King is back at the Mogador theater after its stop in 2010.

Same story on stage

The story is the same as that of the cartoon: Simba is the son of King Mufasa, a lion respected and adored by his people. In the shadows, the ruler’s brother Scar, thirsty for revenge, desperately wishes to seize power. This new version of the show has brought its text up to date without transforming the iconic songs from the Disney film. In The Lion King, everything is magic. From colorful costumes in wood and African fabrics to dances choreographed with great precision, through massive and evolving sets …

40 actors and dancers

When they are not singing on stage, the forty actors and dancers enchant the public as they pass between the rows. disguised as gazelle, giraffe or elephant. Gwendal Marimoutou and Cylia (Simba and Nala), the main duo, have vocals that match perfectly and transport us to the flagship song Love Shines Under the Stars. A spectacle to see !

The Lion King

Theatre Mogador

25 Rue de Mogador,

Paris 9th Until July 31, 2022

01 53 32 32 32

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