From December 7, the Air and Space Museum is putting the history of aeronautical and space conquest in the spotlight with the exhibition Towards the Moon and beyond !, which traces the key moments in the form of … LEGO® bricks

1200 hours of work

“It’s a small step for Man, and a big step for humanity”: how can we not know this mythical sentence, pronounced by Neil Armstrong during his first steps on the Moon! What if you relive this magical moment? This exhibition takes us into the history of the conquest of space, the epic to the moon and the image of our satellite in fiction. But the exhibition has one more special feature, It is entirely made of Lego bricks! To the Moon and beyond! “, Nearly 1,200 hours of design and 180,000 LEGO® bricks used to invite the public to discover the field of aerospace, from a playful and intergenerational perspective. From a human-sized astronaut to the Saturn V rocket of the Apollo missions, passing by the mythical Concorde and the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the exhibition tells the story of aeronautical and space heritage through some thirty sculptures impressive (some of which are made on a 1: 1 scale) divided into 3 central themes: aeronautical and space history, the lunar conquest and aerospace in fiction.

the conquest of space in lego

Human sized astronauts

The exhibition is divided into three parts: The History of Air and Space, The Conquest of the Moon and Between Reality and Fiction. From Jules Vernes to Méliès via Hergé, from Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the Artémis program, which plans to send astronauts back to the Moon, we discover all these figures who have marked the small and the great history of space. Some sculptures made in a 1: 1 scale are simply impressive, such as the imprint of Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon, or the depiction of a human-sized astronaut made entirely of brick. Do not miss the Lego copy of the Concorde either: although the plane was not reproduced in real size, it is nonetheless exceptional !

the conquest of space in lego exhibition

Workshops for children

Playful construction workshops with LEGO® bricks are also offered: young and old will therefore have the opportunity to learn more about the history of the space conquest, while giving free rein to their imagination and creativity. Thus, it is not “only” LEGO® constructions that are presented to the public: the exhibition is intended to be a real bridge between culture and entertainment, and between history and modernity.

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