The Eiffel Tower is one of the most visited monuments in the world, but did you know that this French icon is also home to a secret apartment that was once that of Gustave Eiffel ?

A place to work in peace

In this famous “Iron Lady“, hides an apartment perched 285 meters high. It was on the third floor that Gustave Eiffel had a pied-à-terre set up, where he could work in peace. He built it and fitted it out soon after the tower was built. He hosted his close friends as well as other genius designers and engineers for long talks. The apartment also served as a laboratory for taking atmospheric measurements, but also for performing physical experiments and astronomical observations.

secret apartment of Gustave eiffel

A secret laboratory

Gustave Eiffel made many experiments there during the years he spent there, although the laboratory is no longer really used today. You should know that for several years, Gustave Eiffel kept the existence of this lair a secret and when its existence was discovered, all of Paris and its visitors sought to enter it. However, entry to this room was closed to the general public. Nowadays – in accordance with the wish of its creator – it is only possible to see the interior from a window on one side of the apartment.

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