Stromae created a great television moment during his time on the TF1 TV channel, Stromae surprises again and offers a new memorable sequence on French television.

A moment of emotion

Guest of TF1’s newscast on Sunday January 09, 2022, the singer, after a report on his career and his long break, performed on the set of Anne-Claire Coudray a new piece, called Hell. It is by answering a question from the journalist about the loneliness, the discomfort he may have felt during these seven years of silence, that Stromae instead of answering the question began to sing in front of the camera under the surprised gaze of the journalist. A moment that aroused a lot of emotion on the part of viewers.

Stromae on french television
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A single about suicide

The single “Enfer”, which evokes suicide, was also posted on all streaming listening platforms, after Stromae appeared on TF1. This surprising interview quickly, like the song, made the rounds of social networks, where thousands of anonymous people or personalities salute the performance and the genius of a long-awaited Stromae. His new album, Multitudes, is due out in stores on March 4, 2022. It will feature the first single unveiled by the Belgian artist, Santé, released on October 15.

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