Jean-Jacques Annaud‘s movie called « Notre Dame brule » , which traces the fire in the Notre Dame cathedral on April 15, 2019, is revealed in a first trailer.

An immersion in the heart of the blaze

Release scheduled for March 16, 2022. The director Jean-Jacques Annaud (Seven years in Tibet, The Name of the Rose) looks back on the fire at Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral that occurred in 2019. The director traces the work of the firefighters, police officers and architects hour by hour who made it possible to tear part of the building from the flames. The first images are breathtaking and promise an immersion in the heart of the blaze.

notre Dame fire
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An impressive budget

Pending its release, scheduled for March 16, the director has unveiled the trailer for his movie, which is incredibly realistic. Indeed, it did not skimp on the means to offer a historical reenactment that is larger than life for an impressive budget of 30 million euros. On the program, 3D animations, studio reconstructions, shots in real cathedrals like those of Amiens, Bourges, Sens, but also real archive images shot by the Parisians themselves on the day of the tragedy.

Real images

5% of the film will thus consist of real images. And to be as close as possible to the truth, the director saw the big picture. Because for him, it was out of the question to reconstruct the fire in post-production. In the studio, many life-size models and sets were reproduced in order to film real flames !

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