At the Atelier des Lumières, Kandinsky’s Odyssey of the Abstract offers an immersive journey into the abstract, which will transport you to the inner cosmos of the man who revolutionized the history of art…

The pionneer of abstract art

the Atelier des Lumières invites you into the world of Kandinsky. During this Abstract Odyssey, admire a ten-minute creation based on the works of Vassily Kandinsky (1866-1944). Known for his role as a pioneer of abstract art, the Moscow-born artist is often referred to as an aesthete and a nomad. The Russian painter is also at the origin of a new language, expressing his “inner nature” and appealing to his musicality.

kandisky exhibition in Paris

A musical dialogue

The exhibition also immerses us in the memories of the Russian painter and the folklore of his native land. Then, as his style evolves, we discover more and more modern, colorful compositions. Shapes and colors are almost transformed into scores, on which unique and new music can be read. We expect to find, as always, a unique playlist to accompany this exhibition. The Atelier des Lumières always puts its creations to music: this abstract universe makes it possible to create a musical dialogue with these works.

kandisky exhibition in paris

Kandisky, l’odyssée de l’abstrait

Atelier des Lumières,

38 rue Saint-Maur,

75011 Paris

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