Are you looking for the most sensational rooftop in Paris ? It is on the roof of Galeries Lafayette !

The vegetable, the star of the restaurant

Imagine a huge open-air dining room with an extraordinary view. This is what Julien Sebbag, one of the most fashionable young chefs in Paris, offers with his restaurant « Creatures ». He embodies the new guard of Israeli cuisine in Paris. His clandestine restaurant Chez Oim is causing a sensation among young Parisians. Vegetal work – he only cooks vegetables and his very Basquiat style plates which he claims as such. To do this, the collective « Sous Les Fraises » was entrusted with the harvest of a large vegetable garden that supplies this rooftop restaurant.

Creatures, the trendiest rooftop restaurant of Paris
Creature rooftop restaurant in Paris

An antique decoration in a flea market

The decoration is also surprising and pleasing, 100% in furniture found in secondhand markets. Pergola, burlap, canisse, sheet steel and open kitchens: everything to remind you of the holidays. At the table, we share small plates and cool cocktails: potato salad, egg, caper red onion (€ 10), salted peach salad, cebettes, radishes and feta (€ 10), mozzarella and gariguette strawberries (20 €) or a focaccia with zucchini flowers and burrata (€ 14).

Creatures, the trendiest rooftop restaurant of Paris
creature restaurant @cookheure
Creatures, the trendiest rooftop restaurant of Paris

Creatures restaurant

8th floor of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann 25 rue de la Chaussée d’Antin 75009 Paris

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