Bonnat is a historical and family-run chocolate factory in Voiron (in the heart of Isère) and in Paris, a pioneer in working from bean to bar and world-renowned.

Established in 1751

“What is good for the palate does not harm the soul”: this is the motto of Maison Bonnat. The adventure of this family chocolate factory began in 1751. It was then Félix Bonnat (born in 1861) who took over this activity, to which was added the production of desserts. the house from Voiron, renowned for the quality of its products, the founder of the chocolate factory decided to go further. In 1883, Rodolphe Lindt had already invented conching, chocolate techniques were evolving at high speed and Félix Bonnat decided to equip himself with the latest innovation from Swiss chocolate makers, the tarare cocoa breaker. Bonnat Chocolatier was born in 1884 when Félix Bonnat created his chocolate roaster workshop, specializing in the transformation of cocoa beans into chocolate, a first in France !

bonnat chocolate shop in Paris

Awarded “Best chocolatier”

A unique heritage that moves thousands of French and foreign tablet-eaters every year to the city of Isère and to the house’s retailers. Stéphane Bonnat is one of the rare French producers to see one of his bars awarded each year at the International Chocolate Awards, which reward the best pure origin chocolates in the world. At each of its participations, Bonnat Chocolatier saw one or more of its award-winning bars (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and received the “Best Chocolatier” prize. In 2016, for example, the Selva Maya bar received the gold medal for “Best chocolate in the world” in the “dark chocolate bar” category (old cocoas exploited by a micro-community in the province of Chiapas in Mexico, which sorts still the beans by hand before their fermentation)). In 2019, the tablet originally exclusive to Nicaragua, El Castillero was awarded Best Tablet Europe.

bonnat chocolate factory

Bonnat Paris

189 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris

bonnat chocolate factory

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