You may have seen it during season 2 of Emily in Paris, Tram is a poetic literary café not to be missed !

A café and bookstore

Tram, a café where you can also discover a magnificent selection of books, a bookstore where you can also sit down and enjoy beautiful dishes. Read and enjoy, what more could you ask for ? The appointment is made in a small cobbled street hidden just behind the Pantheon, Open non-stop, Tram satisfies all the desires of Parisians. According to the desire of the day: read a book or work around an almond milk with orange blossom and a good cake.

tram café Paris
Tram café Paris, copyright : Pauline Darley

A great breakfast

Lunch with friends and buy beautiful little notebooks. Have a great breakfast with your kids. Drink a pressed juice on the terrace in the sun. While being advised of a good book to offer and leave with a good bottle of natural wine under your arm And if you come for breakfast, you can enjoy croissants, caramel French toast, jam sandwiches, fried eggs

tram café Paris
Copyright Pauline Darley

Tram Bookshop Café

47 rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève,

75005 Paris

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