It is with his friend Virginie Efira that Julien Doré chose to play in his latest funny and touching clip called Kiki

A wacky end

Their friendship was born on the set of the show “Nouvelle Star”, fourteen years ago. Today, Julien Doré and Virginie Efira find themselves behind the camera for the needs of the clip of “Kiki”, one of the last songs of the French singer. Virginie Efira plays the wife of Julien Doré, about to give birth to their child. We follow the peaceful life of this couple in a mountain chalet and then their arrival at the maternity ward to welcome the happy event. A birth that does not go exactly as planned. The end, completely wacky, fits perfectly with the particular universe of Julien Doré.

Julien Doré and Virginie Efira
Julien Doré and Virginie Efirra in Kiki

A touching video

Taken from her latest album “Aimée” (2020), the title “Kiki” is aimed above all at the young generation and evokes the scourge of climate change. Transmission and ecology, two essential themes for the 38-year-old artist. To make this latest, he obviously once again called on the talent of Brice VHD, to whom we owe the clip “Nous”, winner of the audiovisual creation prize at the last Victoires de la Musique ceremony, last February. A duo that matches perfectly since this new collaboration gives birth to a touching, funny and surprising clip.

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