Mythical restaurant in the 6th arrondissement of Paris since 1686, the Procope is a place steeped in history where the greatest writers & intellectuals have gathered .

Benjamin Franklin, a regular client

Listed as a Historic Monument since 1962, the restaurant where you can dine today is not exactly the original place. The “Café Procope”, or simply “Le Procope” opened in the 17th century closed in 1890, but a new restaurant of the same name has occupied the premises since 1957. Even if two establishments therefore form this single address, this one has seen the history of Paris pass by. Before the French Revolution, the Café Procope was the headquarters of the philosophers of the Enlightenment, who met there to exchange their ideas. The story also tells that Benjamin Franklin, a regular at the place, thought up the first elements of the American Constitution there. , and there prepared the first Franco-American treaty of alliance with Louix XVI in 1778.

procope paris

A literary café

At the end of the 18th century, the café was the haunt of revolutionaries. It was at Procope that the Phrygian cap was worn for the first time, symbol of the revolutionaries and today of the French Republic and worn by Marianne. Today, a Declaration of Human Rights adorns the walls of the restaurant. In the following century, the Procope regained its place as a literary café and once again saw the greatest minds of the time like George Sand, Paul Verlaine… The café had to close its doors in 1890, due to financial problems. Before reopening in 1957 under another format and the same name honoring the original coffee.

procope paris

Traditional French cuisine

Le Procope offers traditional, bourgeois French cuisine through various specialties such as Coq au vin and Veal’s Head, Braised Beef Cheek, Homemade Mille-feuille or the traditional Procopio-style Tiramisù. This Parisian brasserie offers a small terrace hidden away from traffic to enjoy sunny days !

The Procope

13 rue de l’Ancienne Comédie 75006 Paris

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