Everyone has seen it on the big screen but no one has used it since 1939: the Porte des Lilas Metro Station is a “ghost” station closed to the public but popular with directors who use it to breathe life into their films.

ghost metro station paris

Ambiance of the Paris metro

Every day, thousands of travelers pass through the Porte des Lilacs station without suspecting that behind a gray door hides another station, a real cinema set where an average of 5 films are shot a year. Sophie Marceau as a member of the resistance pointing a gun at an SS official in “Les femmes de l’ombre”, Meryl Streep borrowing a 1960s train in “Julie et Julia”, or Mathieu Kassovitz picking up fragments of identity photos in “Le fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain“: all these scenes were shot there. Thus, while users travel without worrying about anything, a film sequence is sometimes shot in the metro next to them !

From 15,000 euros per day

The Porte des Lilas-cinema station can be rented by the day and several days in a row. It is sought after for its comfort, and has the advantage of being personifiable according to the desires of the scriptwriters.

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