Le Merveilleux is the name of the emblematic pastry of Frédéric Vaucamps, a pastry chef from Lille. Its pastry with its sober and classy decoration makes us salivate as soon as we pass it !

aux merveilleux de fred, paris

Homemade pastry

Frédéric Vaucamps, started his pastry concept in Lille, in the north of France. His research enabled him to develop a recipe for a very creamy meringue cake, the Merveilleux, the success of which earned him the establishment of a new pastry shop in the heart of Paris. The concept: two flagship products prepared throughout the customer-facing day. Star of the House, the Marvelous is the classic recipe. It consists of meringue, chocolate whipped cream and all coated with dark chocolate shavings. Generous and appetizing, this pastry has a little “homemade” and rustic side. The meringue is fine and crunchy with a good caramelized taste. Powerful and low in sugar, dark chocolate whipped cream is good and light.

aux merveilleux de fred

A baroque decoration

The shop, meanwhile, is completely in the image of the brand: baroque and refined, like this imposing chandelier visible from the street and the colors gold and black, sober and classy at the same time. And seeing the pastry chefs garnish the marvelous with creamy cream can only make us want to enter !


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