Julie Delpy, he most American of French directors signs her first series for Canal+. On the Verge paints a cross portrait of four Californian women who have each passed the milestone of forty.

julie delpy in on the verge

A social comedy

Two years after My Zoé, Julie Delpy is back, but not with a movie. For the first time, the French filmmaker is trying out the series. A television project for Canal+ (and Netflix internationally) titled On the Verge, which focuses on four women between the ages of 40 and 50 living on the west coast of the United States. An American social comedy in the era of time, inspired by its own relationships. These women understand that after all these years they still don’t know where they stand. Clearly, the series had no trouble finding its audience: after its launch, it entered Netflix’s top 10 in the United States, rising to seventh place over the weekend following its launch. in line.

on the verge

A way to deepen the characters

In this Franco-American comedy series, Julie Delpy stars alongside Elisabeth Shue (Julie Finlay in “CSI”, “Death Wish”…), Sarah Jones and Alexia Landeau who co-wrote “On the Verge” with Julie Delpy and that the director has already directed in “2 Days in New York” and “2 Days in Paris”. In the credits of the series we also find Mathieu Demy (“The office of legends” …), Timm Sharp, Troy Garity as well as Giovanni Ribisi (Parker Selfridge in “Avatar”). If Julie Delpy wanted to develop her story for the small screen, it was to have the time to deepen the characters and the plots: “I thought that four women was probably too much to tell in a single film. . Over 90 minutes, it would have allowed us to immerse ourselves in a very small part of their lives. With the series, I can explore a lot more things. » On the Verge is a lighthearted, cleverly written and directed comedy.

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