It is a famous street in the heart of the Marais: it is known for its many shops and restaurants, but do you know why it has this pretty name ? 

Roses along the rampart

It was in 1230 that the street was built, along the ramparts of King Philippe Auguste. Its name is due to the presence of rose bushes which brighten up the surrounding gardens. The Templars, who gave its name to the famous Temple district, brought the first Jews there during a crusade, accompanied by spices and exotic products. Shortly before the French Revolution, there were more than 2,000 Jews in the neighborhood, whose kosher butchers were located in rue des Rosiers.

The Jewish community

From the 13th century the Jewish community found hospitality in France and in Paris it lived in Le Marais. The rue des Rosiers claims the first restaurant offering falafels in France, opened in 1979: Named “L’as of falafel” you will easily recognize it, there is always a line in front!

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