After the success of her book “How to be a Parisian”, model Caroline de Maigret released a second book on the art of aging well, “Older, but Better, but Older”

caroline de maigret

The pros and cons of aging

Caroline de Maigret and her best friend Sophie Mas are back with “Older, but Better, but Older”, a compilation of musings, digressions, and commiserations about the pros and cons of aging. “You know things aren’t like they used to be when you wake up refreshed and everyone tells you how tired you look. When the French president is younger than you. When a 30-year-old man walks into a party and doesn’t even glance at you. When your colleague was born the year you graduated…” It is on these humorous observations that Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas open Older, but Better, but Older. Chapters that are just as earthy follow. this book captures moments of everyday life that will make the reader nod, cringe, and laugh out loud. This book proves that whilst your cake might have more candles, it doesn’t mean you can’t remain seductive, stylish and graceful in a charmingly disgraceful way.

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