Founded by the poet Marcel Béalu in 1949, Le Pont Traversé bookstore closed its doors in 2019. Transformed into a coffee shop, the place is experiencing a new lease of life.

A historical Monument

A few steps from the Luxembourg Gardens, in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, the front of the Pont Traversé is recognizable among all, with its hand-painted period frescoes, vestiges of an old butcher’s shop. The Pont Traversé takes its name from a collection of tales by Jean Paulhan. Leaving for a well-deserved retirement in 2019, the Pont Traversé subsequently became a coffee shop in March 2021. From its history, the place has kept its facade classified as a historical monument. The decoration is splendid, emerald earthenware from the butcher’s era blending with original marble and mirrors, as well as various antique objects.

Le Pont Traversé Paris Wall Art
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Healthy Street Food

On the shelves of the Pont Traversé, you can find homemade jams and spreads, but also chocolate, tea, coffee and olive oil. So many good things. On the program, healthy, good. We enjoy specialty coffees, teas and infusions, cold-pressed juices, lemonade and hot chocolate. For lunch or a quick bite, Le Pont Traversé offers a menu of healthy street food. With soups, pastas, salads and brioche breads for the savory on the menu. On the sweet side, cookies, banana bread, apple pie await you on the menu.

Le Pont Traversé Paris

Le Pont Traversé

62 rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris

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