The Chopin Hotel dates from the opening of the Passage in 1846, which makes it one of the oldest hotels in the capital.

Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

The Chopin hotel is the oldest of Paris. Indeed, there were very few hotels in Paris before the development of train transport. At the time named family hotel, its door has never been closed since 1846, it has no lock! There is therefore a person at the reception since that date, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. That is a total of 62,414 days of opening for the Chopin hotel ! The facade is classified as a Historic Monument as well as the rest of the passage.

hotel chopin paris

A tribute to Chopin

Renamed Hôtel Chopin in 1970, its name is a tribute to the composer who regularly passed through the passage to visit the Pleyel piano demonstration rooms from his home. The legend says that he made an appointment with Georges Sand at the Hôtel Chopin, but this has never been verified… In 1850, covered passages were very numerous in Paris, there were up to 150 at that time. You could then cross almost all of Paris sheltered from bad weather thanks to these covered and private roads. Haussmann’s work, which then opened up the districts by creating large avenues, and competition from department stores led to the disappearance of most of the covered passages. There are only about thirty left today, but it is still possible to take lovely walks through the passages.

passage jourfroy

Located in Passage Jouffroy

Passage Jouffroy is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic, inaugurated in 1846 by Count Felix de Jouffroy-Gonsans, the ancestor of the current owners of the passage, it owes its fame to the Grévin Museum which settled there in 1882. Passage Jouffroy was one of the most modern at the time, it even had an underfloor heating system, to allow walkers to shop in the warmth. It is in fact the ancestor of shopping malls! This passage is built on an old medieval road, which still exists, these are the basements !

Hotel Chopin

46, Passage Jouffroy – 10 Boulevard Montmartre
75009, Paris, France

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