Paris already housed a restaurant Dans le Noir. It now has its Dans le Noir spa !

A unique experience

The experience is unique: the treatments (massages, scrubs, face, etc.) are exclusively provided in the dark by a team of visually impaired or blind practitioners. The sense of touch is awakened, relaxation and the feeling of well-being are absolute. The visit can continue in the hammam. An unusual place, in the heart of Paris, far from the hectic pace of the city.

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A difference at our service

State-certified practitioners put their difference at your service. Their tactile skills, recognized since the dawn of time, were always ignored until then by our Western wellness centers. Who better than a person whose daily “touch” is to unearth your tensions, to feel what your body needs the most? Who better than a blind person to accompany you in this moment of absolute darkness?

In the dark ? the Spa

65 rue de Montmartre –

75002 Paris

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