Discover the immersive experience in virtual reality “Eternelle Notre-Dame“, an astonishing spectacle that plunges us into the heart of history until April 3.

A journey through time

Are you ready for a journey through time ? A new immersive virtual reality experience is coming to Paris, and it promises to be exceptional. The first totally immersive experience in virtual reality on Notre-Dame de Paris. A unique and innovative show to bring Notre-Dame to life using cutting-edge technology. Relive the history of the cathedral thanks to virtual reality, discover inaccessible places and enter history….

notre dame de paris

The secrets of Notre Dame

Equipped with an immersive device, visitors explore Notre-Dame de Paris through the centuries, completely digitally recreated . They thus live a real emotional journey to discover the secrets of the monument, while discovering the events and historical figures that have marked its history. From the narrow streets of Paris, to its construction site, from its framework to the belfry where its bells ring, to the ravages of the terrible fire of April 15, 2019, visitors observe its evolution and its secrets.

Eternelle Notre Dame

Forecourt of La Defense

92800 Puteaux 92800 Puteaux

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