The Espace Richaud, in Versailles, offers an exhibition around the most famous French playwright in the world, entitled “Molière, la fabrique d’une gloire nationale“, from January 15 to April 17, 2022.

Molière would have been 400 years old in 2022.

The great Molière is part of our collective imagination and his name, whether we know his work or not, resonates familiarly in everyone’s ears. But who is the man behind the comic author of the Grand Siècle, familiar with the court of Louis IV and the greats of this world ? The exhibition Molière, the factory of a national glory proposes to bring us to the heart of the life of the writer. A life that remains, after all, remains quite secret. The many gray areas in Molière’s life have inspired many fabrications, the best known being that of a Negro Corneille by Molière, or even a Molière in the name of Louis XIV himself. This legend born around the author, the exhibition tends to strip it to bring out the man and the artist, the one who crisscrossed the kingdom of France before triumphing in the city as at court, through his writings. literary, theatrical, cultural and political.

molière exhibition in versailles

The myth surrounding Molière

The exhibition also questions the myth surrounding Molière Finally, how is Molière perceived elsewhere, he whose name has crossed the cultural and linguistic borders of our country to impose itself on the five continents? the 200 or so works exhibited shed valuable light on the abundant life of this artist with a singular destiny and the fertility of his creations. The exhibition is part of the Molière Year which celebrates through multiple events in France and abroad the fourth centenary of his birth. Molière and the Palais Royal theater On February 17, 1673, Molière played Argan in “Le Malade imaginaire”, his last comedy. Exhausted, seriously ill, he refused to cancel the session and dies some time later. The armchair in which he was seated during this final performance is on display in the foyer of the Comédie-Française in Paris, a few steps from the Palais-Royal garden and the Louvre museum.

Molière, la fabrique d’une gloire nationale

78 Boulevard de la Reine 78000 Versailles

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