In the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, take a seat at La Diva-des-Prés, the new chic & trendy brasserie in the area.

a love ly place to brunch in Paris, la diva des près
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A quality brunch

It is in the heart of the famous district of Saint Germain-des-Prés, that there is a restaurant full of charm: La Diva des Prés. Chic and very colorful, it is impossible to miss it ! Dressed in its sublime bougainvillea, it is the ideal place to enjoy a quality brunch in an elegant and really pleasant setting. On the table, you are served a hot drink of your choice: coffee, coffee with cream or cappuccino, but also old-fashioned hot chocolates, Viennese or teas and infusions. The culinary journey of the Diva des Prés takes place in two stages, the salty and the sweet, each served at the right time so that you can always eat hot. You will find a small Caesar Salad, served at the same time as the delicious but also visually very beautiful Salé croissant ! There are two versions. The first with raw ham: Isigny butter, avocado, raw ham and fried egg, and its very popular version with smoked salmon: fresh cream, avocado, smoked salmon, lime zest, dill and fried egg.

la diva des près paris

A talented chef

An assortment of mini-pastries will delight the greediest: special rolls, Isigny butter, Parisian jam and spread to bring a little French touch to the brunch. The mini 72% cocoa dark chocolate mousse from Tanzania as well as the salted butter caramel brioche and its whipped cream will end this brunch in style. Popular for its cocktails made by the local mixologist, it is on Sundays as well as on public holidays that the Diva brunch is available. The kitchens are occupied by the talented Chef Gael MARQUES, present in the list of 32 Chefs of “Cuisine et Tradition” for the title of Chef of the year 2022.

La Diva des Près

79 Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris

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