Its storefront is a real eye-catcher, Bulle is a new organic and vegan restaurant to try in the heart of the Marais district.

A bubble of Happiness

When we walk rue des Rosiers in the Marais, our gaze is caught by a storefront decorated with a multitude of pink flowers, a bubble of nature in the city, and precisely it is a 100% natural cuisine that this new restaurant offers. . Bulle is the new Vegan & Organic address on rue des Rosiers. The establishment is made to welcome food lovers looking for new flavors. We find on the menu Spring Rolls, Bubble Tea, sandwiches, pastries and other 100% homemade dishes. A place created to welcome passing guests or coworkers. Bulle, a part of sweetness, a bubble of happiness…

bulle, rue des rosiers paris, bubble tea


78 Rue des Rosiers 75004 Paris

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