This is one of the most anticipated exhibitions of the year “Pharaoh of the Two Lands. The African epic of the kings of Napata” will soon be presented at the Louvre.

The Kingdom of Nubia

With this exhibition, a fascinating stroll around the kingdom of Nubia and the dynasty of the Kushite pharaohs awaits you… In the 8th century BC. J.-C., in Nubia, a kingdom is organized around its capital Napata. Around 730 BC. J.-C., the sovereign Piânkhi undertakes to conquer Egypt and inaugurates the dynasty of the Kushite pharaohs. His successors, pharaohs of the 25th dynasty, reigned for more than fifty years over a kingdom extending from the Nile Delta to the confluence of the White Nile and the Blue Nile.

louvre museum pharaohs exhibition

An archaeological mission in Sudan

The best known of them is undoubtedly Taharqa. The exhibition highlights the leading role of this vast kingdom, located in what is now northern Sudan. It is linked to the archaeological mission of the Louvre Museum in Sudan which, for 10 years, concentrated its research on the site of Mouweis and will continue it today, in El-Hassa, 30 km further north and not far from pyramids of Meroe.

“Pharaoh of the Two Lands. The African epic of the kings of Napata »

From April 27 to July 25, 2022 at the Louvre Museum

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