Patrice Chapon is one of the few chocolate artisans to ensure the entire manufacturing process, from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar. And the result is up to our expectations !

chapon chocolate shop

A modern production with old machines

At first glance, the wall made up of the chocolate maker’s famous bars immediately makes you travel: Bolivia, Brazil, Fiji, etc. that can be tasted. New and original collections, each more original than the last, are regularly added to the range. From roasting to molding and conching, Patrice Chapon masters all the stages of chocolate making. Since 2012, his Factory located in Chelles has been transforming cocoa beans into high quality chocolate. A modern production with old machines that he hunts for and then carefully restores, in the pure respect of tradition, where all the chocolates are made. Since 1986, he has traveled the world in search of small producers whom he has unearthed in the heart of the Brazilian forests or at the bottom of the Sambirano valley, in Madagascar “Providing producers with a much higher price than that of the market. Control the quality of fermentation, drying and sorting. Offer unique, diverse and quality chocolates to my customers with total transparency and traceability from producer to bar. This is what drives me to buy my cocoa directly from producer groups”. For Patrice Chapon, each cocoa is unique and must be treated as such.

No chemical products

At the Factory, each bag that arrives is analyzed (defects and aromatic potential) and tests are carried out (roasting, conching time, sugar content). The optimal parameters are thus defined to reveal the potential of this cocoa in a chocolate bar. It is to offer diverse and high-quality sensory experiences that the chocolate maker tirelessly seeks new cocoa origins and roasts his beans himself. Above all, Chapon is the only artisan chocolatier not to use soy lecithin or cocoa butter. His passion is pure, concentrated, intense cocoa, a blessing of nature, rich in vitamins and mineral salts and devoid of any chemical product during its agriculture.

Chocolate Chapon

69, rue du Bac

75007 Paris

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