Echoing the exhibition “At the frontiers of the human“, which explores our limits and questions our future as humans, the Musée de l’Homme gives carte blanche to Enki Bilal. An exhibition to discover from March 16 to June 13, 2022.

The alternative futures of humanity

What would Man look like if he were half machine, half animal, if he were immortal, mutant, augmented ? This is a captivating question, to which the comic book author Enki Bilal answered in drawings . An exhibition that explores the alternative futures of humanity, an evolution where our imagination can abolish all borders. Born in Belgrade in 1951, Enki Bilal himself built himself by playing with borders. Protean artist at the same time draftsman, author, director, painter, writer, decorator, he blurs the tracks to better create, on the margins of any classification. Its mineral universe, lit by often harsh overhead lights, gives a prominent place to the human. A human certainly challenged, damaged in his flesh, increased in his body, in search of a better elsewhere, but above all a human. A being who doubts, who suffers, who loves.

musée de l'homme exhibition
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A painter of the imagination

To make his comics, Enki Bilal does not directly execute boards, but draws large-format boxes one by one, before assembling them. The exhibition allows us to admire some thirty of these original works, including unpublished ones from the Bug series, as well as paintings and reproductions. Organized into six themes, it allows you to enter his universe to discover the “hybrimutantech”, “immortalists” or “mechanical animals”, evolving in a fragile and uncertain world. This painter of the imagination, who is also a lover of words, presents at the Musée de l’Homme a magnificent counterpoint, necessary and poetic, to the exhibition Aux frontières de l’homme. The museum therefore invites us to discover this fascinating carte blanche, which raises many questions and crazy stories, real Hollywood scenarios.

Enki Billal at the musée de l'homme
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Musée de l’Homme

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