Sneakers are in the spotlight at the Musée de l’Homme from October 13, 2021 to July 25, 2022. From sports to fashion shows, sneakers have become essential accessories in our daily lives. This exhibition tells us more about these famous shoes.

Popular thanks to the Hip-Hop

Since their creation, several innovations have marked the sneaker market. It was the taming of rubber, a plant material whose properties were already appreciated by the Aztecs, which allowed its industrialization. Long reserved for sports activities, they soon found themselves at everyone’s feet thanks to the hip-hop movement. Born in the United States, hip-hop takes its way to Europe, passing through television, cinema, music or even video games, and is linked to the emergence of counter-cultures. Sneakers then become the symbol of a social and cultural affirmation of certain minorities.

sneakers musée de l'homme
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Synonymous with freedom

Synonymous with freedom and emancipation, they are also mostly considered provocative and transgressive. They are becoming a real fashion accessory and play an essential role for brands. Today, everyone wears them: they transcend gender, age and socio-cultural backgrounds. This exhibition puts them in the spotlight and immerses you in this colorful universe, from the origins to the present day! But are they really adapted to our morphology? To find out, take a break in the experimental space to observe your foot, compare it, and understand one of the major challenges of research and development among shoe manufacturers, namely how to combine large-scale industrial manufacturing and adaptation to the specificity of each person’s foot.

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