The filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz and the photographer JR traveled to Ukraine on Monday March 14 to unveil a work more than four meters long to support the Ukrainian people.

a fresco of the artist JR

Ukrainian’s energy

The street artist JR is an activist. He travels the world to exhibit his committed works. Just like his friend Mathieu Kassovitz, a 54-year-old director, who regularly takes the floor to express his opinions publicly. It is therefore natural that the duo went to Lviv on Monday, near the Polish border, to install a four-meter-long fresco in support of the Ukrainian people. This fresco, visible from the sky to “make this energy so typical of Ukraine understood“, represents the face of a little girl “who plays and laughs to remind everyone that there are children there” , explained Mathieu Kassovitz on the French television channel LCI.

“It should affect the whole world”

Mathieu Kassovitz knows Ukraine for having filmed there the fourth season of the series “The Office of Legends”. He had exchanged with Ukrainians at the time of the Donbass war in 2014. The director wants to be close to the Ukrainian people and already supports them in a humanitarian way. His Instagram account has been dedicated to Ukraine since the start of the war. His profile picture has been replaced by the Ukrainian flag and his posts since February 25 are related to the situation in the country. “We came to pay tribute to them and try to get the message across to the whole world,” adds the actor. “What is happening in this country should affect the whole world. Beyond the war, there is a country which is revolting and which will not fall. This strength, this energy, this hope, we all have it need today.”

“We’re all going to be victims”

Mathieu Kassovitz confides to LCI that he could have gotten involved with Ukrainians if he hadn’t had children: “If I hadn’t had children, I would have come to be by their side. the world we live in, I think what’s happening there is an absolute limit. If we don’t fight to prevent this from happening, we’re all going to be victims.”

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