Le Shack is an urban oasis nestled in the heart of Paris to eat, recharge, meet and work differently in a decor designed by Gustave Eiffel.

Designed by Gustave Eiffel

Located a stone’s throw from the Opera in the former Calmann Levy printing works, Le Shack unveils a 1500m² space designed by Gustave Eiffel, completely re-enchanted. This place of collisions, at the crossroads of the social club, the workspace, wellness and catering welcomes the general public and professionals in a timeless spirit. Here you will live an authentic experience. At the Shack you will find: Meeting rooms of various sizes and layouts, a restaurant with menus that change every week, two bars including a cocktail bar on the 1st floor .

a restaurant in a decor made by Gustave Eiffel
A sublime decor by Gustave Eiffel

A chef from Le Bristol

This place is breathtakingly beautiful, with its period metal beams, vestiges of Gustave Eiffel, and its imposing original wooden shelves that run along the walls. Under the canopy of the printing works which bathes this place with its dizzying ceiling height in natural light – so climb upstairs to discover a bird’s eye view of the restaurant. the menu is signed by a young chef, freshly arrived behind the stove: Albane Auvray. Auvergne, the 23-year-old chef worked in the kitchens of Le Bristol alongside Eric Frechon . Albane Auvray is committed to promoting responsible cuisine that places plants at the center of the plate, thanks to the use of local and seasonal products. Creations that can be found at lunchtime through affordable menus for the neighborhood, offered at €25 starter/main course/dessert and €32 starter/main course/dessert.

French bistronomy

For the Shack, Albane Auvray signs a weekly menu combining French bistronomy and flavors from the streets of Southeast Asia. From his vision of the kitchen, we discover, when we come, two fresh starters, all in simplicity but full of flavors. For the sweet part, Albane Auvray takes care of the desserts herself and is original with vegetable-based creations. Like his candied fennel panna cotta with orange and hazelnuts! Le Shack also offers, every day, a pastry signed by pastry chef Carl Marletti. And if you feel like it, the Shack also offers a wellness programme, with aerial yoga, meditation and dance classes.

Le Shack



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