Hoy is a one-of-a-kind concept hotel, a hotel, restaurant and yoga room all rolled into one, a haven of well-being in the heart of Paris.

A concept focused on yoga

HOY Paris is a concept focused on yoga: both a hotel and a yoga room, it hosts within its walls a restaurant, a treatment room, a florist and workshops. Opened in 2020 rue des Martyrs in the 9th arrondissement, it is located a stone’s throw from Montmartre and Place Pigalle. Hoy is a place where we instantly felt caught up in the sweetness of life, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Charlotte, its founder, from a hotel family, she drew on her different experiences to create a place that resembles her. “Like all Parisians, nature is not really present in my daily life. This is the reason why there should be places like HOY in all areas where nature is lacking. »

a hotel for yogis in paris
A hotel for yogis in Paris

A sanctuary of healthy habits

HOY promises a place of life around well-being and good living for Parisians as well as for yogis around the world. The spaces have been created as sanctuaries to promote healthy habits in each room, improving your well-being. At the HOY hotel, you have an air purification system in each room, you can also purify drinking water from the tap with Japanese binchotan charcoal, enjoy healthy and nutritious homemade snacks. They also organic beauty products made in France. To promote a peaceful atmosphere and enlighten your mind, our rooms are free of televisions. To start your day with a relaxing routine, you will find a stretching bar in some of our rooms.

Hoy, yogis hotel in paris
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Hoy Hôtel

68 Rue des Martyrs,

75009 Paris


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