The Eiffel Tower, a national symbol, has had a makeover. On March 15, a new 6 meter high antenna was added to the Iron Lady, and increased Its size by 6 meters !

The Eiffel Tower, a national symbol, has had a makeover. A high antenna has increased Its sized by 6 meters !

It reached 330 meters

The Eiffel Tower continues to grow, even from the height of its 132 years… The flagship monument of the capital reached 330 meters in height since Tuesday, March 15 ! While the size of the Eiffel Tower had not changed since the 2000s, currently measuring 324 meters, six more meters will be added to the monument at the start of last week week. You are probably wondering what the reason is ? The installation of a new radio antenna at its top, quite simply !

The tallest tower in the world

For 42 years, the Eiffel Tower held the record for the tallest tower in the world. Inaugurated on March 31, 1889 for the Universal Exhibition in Paris, the one then called “the 300-meter Tower” was actually 312 meters high exactly. In 1931, the Empire State Building in New York finally dethroned it, with its 381 meters. A new radio antenna has been installed by helicopter on the Eiffel Tower, which will make it reach 330 meters in height. This new receiver will be compatible with the DAB+ network, “a digital radio modulation and transmission technology.

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