Les Vapeurs is a popular restaurant in Trouville and is the meeting place for stars during the Deauville American Film Festival.

Les vapeurs in Trouville, an institution since 1927
Les vapeurs in Trouville, an institution since 1927

Open since 1927

Neon lights, old pubs, banquettes, mosaic mirrors, simple cuisine: this Parisian-style brasserie has been cultivating its spirit since 1927, date on which was established, facing the Touques, in a typical building, this unusual brasserie today: Les Vapeurs .And its very name tells a part of the history of Trouville. Because in 1927, the Tancarville bridge did not yet exist, it was the steamboats that made the connection with Le Havre… Disembarking, just in front of this bistro, the socialites and other elegant vacationers. From the 1930s, all the actors, the comedians… All the souls of aesthetes who made the golden age of cinema and art, both French and international, already found their account there.

A timeless bubble

Les Vapeurs have thus retained all the cachet of their time, the brewery thus counts for being a timeless bubble where one savors and remembers the great French tradition. Little surprising then to know that American stars during the American Film Festival… The owner of the premises, Jérôme Meslin, but above all the butler, Hervé Tranquille, have been watching over it for 37 years.

The meeting place of movie stars

The Iconic Brewery of Trouville Planted opposite the fish market, the brasserie Les Vapeurs has made its success with fresh and local products – which can be tasted in a phantasmagorical setting. We come here for the atmosphere of the place; and for the specialties cooked without fuss, but with a lot of lyricism. Fricassee of whelks from Granville. Hot prawns. Mussels or platters of gargantuan and solar seafood. Small Trouvillaise frying. Cupped oysters from the bay of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue… Which we gladly drizzle with Calvados typical of the region – before punctuating these gastronomic delights with a Norman tart . The walls bear witness to the beautiful people who came to celebrate here, there are photos and dedications by De Niro, Tom Hanks, and Steven Spielberg. They who, between two screenings at the Deauville American Film Festival, are happily taken there to taste this simple, fresh and ultimately succulent cuisine.

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