Nordic artists have been in the spotlight lately at the Petit Palais, this time it is the Finnish painter Albert Edelfelt‘s painting that are exhibited.

A Nordic retrospective

After the retrospectives devoted to the Swedish Carl Larsson, Anders Zorn and the Golden Age of Danish painting, the Petit Palais continues its exploration of Nordic artists. This new monograph, organized with the Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki, is dedicated to Albert Edelfelt, one of the glories of Finnish painting. Around a hundred works will retrace the evolution of his career and show how this artist largely contributed to the recognition of Finnish art at the end of the 19th century.

painting of the jardins du luxembourg by Albert Edelfelt
Albert Edelfelt – Jardins du Luxembourg

Settled in Paris

Edelfelt, like many artists, took a trip to Paris to launch his career and finally decides to settle there. His style mixing impressionism and realism is quickly noticed. His portrait of Louis Pasteur was particularly hailed at the Salon of 1886 and brought him success. Living in France, he continues to travel to Finland every summer, and devotes large sensitive compositions to its landscapes and traditions. A patriot, he fights for the independence of his country against the influence of the all-powerful Russia. This Parisian retrospective is the first to be dedicated to this master who left a lasting mark on the Nordic art scene.

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