The Musée Carnavalet located in Le Marais district, is the best place to discover the fascinating history of Paris.

musée carnavalet paris

From the Neolithic to the present day

Located in the heart of the protected area of ​​the Marais, in listed buildings, the Carnavalet museum celebrated its 150 years of history in 2016. Its extraordinary collections, still too little known, range from the Neolithic to the present day. From the canoe discovered during the archaeological digs at Bercy to the mascarons at Pont-Neuf, from the model of the Île de la Cité to the military café at Ledoux, from the revolutionary drawings by Lesueur to the Fouquet jewelry store decorated by Mucha, we come across singular trajectories of the men and women who loved Paris and shaped its history, such as Sainte Geneviève, Etienne Marcel, Madame de Sévigné, Baron Haussmann and Marcel Proust.

carnavalet museum paris the history of Paris
Musée Carnavalet

Two private mansions and an Orangery

But, through the decorations, signs, pieces of furniture, paintings, sculptures, medals, models, works of art and history, prints, drawings, posters and photographs, it is also the story of all Parisians, yesterday and today, which is told. The Carnavalet-History of Paris Museum, made up of two private mansions and an Orangery, works in synergy with two complementary sites: the archaeological Crypt of the Ile de la Cité and the Catacombs of Paris. In 2016, the city of Paris undertook the renovation of its history museum, thus responding to a very strong social demand for history as well as to new uses and practices of the public. At the moment you can discover the Marcel Proust‘s exhibition in the Musée Carnavalet.

. Carnavalet Museum 23, rue de Sévigné 75003 Paris

Tickets for Marcel Proust’s exhibition here

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