With family or friends, fly over Paris aboard the largest hot air balloon in the world at an altitude of 150 meters for an unforgettable moment !

hot air balloon Paris

The 3rd highest point of Paris

Installed in Paris since 1999 in the André-Citroën park, this hot air balloon allows you to live one of the most beautiful experiences and to admire the monuments of Paris as you have never seen them. This captive balloon is the largest in the world, measures 35 meters high and 22.5 meters in diameter and is non-polluting because it is powered by an electric winch… Take to the skies and quickly discover Paris aboard this hot air balloon for a grandiose souvenir. ! The Ballon Air Paris is the 3rd highest point in Paris. This is why the view is extraordinary ! Having become a monument in its own right over the years, the Balloon also measures the air quality of the city of Paris.

A flying laboratory

Tourist attraction for visitors but object of research for scientists. This hot air balloon is a veritable flying laboratory, making it possible in particular to measure the level of fine particles present in the Parisian sky. About 60,000 people discover Paris every year from the air thanks to this attraction, even if more than 400,000 people see it every day in the sky. More than 1 million passengers took off in the skies of the capital thanks to more than 80,000 balloon flights! The duration of the flight is 10 minutes. A maximum of 30 passengers can take place on board the Ballon de Paris. Once 150 meters above the ground, it is windy and cooler. So bring something to cover yourself with! On the other hand, remember to charge your camera or smartphone well so that you can take advantage of it to take pictures that will remain as a unique memory.

• The flying balloon depending on the weather conditions, it is strongly advised to call before you go to

• To avoid a long wait during peak periods (weekends, holidays and public holidays) it is advisable to fly in the morning.

• Pregnant women are not allowed to board the balloon.

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Ballon de Paris Generali


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