Discover the new photo exhibition of the Roof of the Grande Arche of Paris : A hymn to the beauty of the famous Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard.

Matthieu Ricard exhibition in Paris
Matthieu Ricard exhibition in Paris

A benevolent look at our being and the world around us.

Perceiving beauty in all things, such is the vocation of this sharing of snapshots of life, smiles, captures of the present, so many positive breaths in our daily lives. Passionate about photography since childhood, Matthieu Ricard invites through his pictures, to “a source of hope, with the intention of restoring confidence in human nature“.

Matthieu Ricard exhibition in Paris

Involved in scientific research in neuroscience

After scientific studies, he settled in the Himalayas where he has lived since 1972. He became a Buddhist monk in 1979. He is committed to the protection of nature and animals. As a scientist and a Buddhist monk, he has been actively involved in scientific research in neuroscience on the effects of meditation on the brain and has co-authored several scientific publications. He dedicates all of his copyrights and conferences to the Karuna-Shechen humanitarian association which he created twenty-two years ago and which has carried out more than 200 projects in Nepal, India and Tibet in the field of education, health and social services. In 2020, Karuna-Shechen helped 400,000 people.

The wonders that surrounds us

The spiritual beauty of human beings, the beauty of altruism and the beauty of nature are explored by the gaze of the Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard in Hymne à la beauté de la Grande Arche. Le Toit de la Grande Arche offers an unprecedented reading of Matthieu Ricard’s photographs. Through his encounters and his life experiences, Ricard delivers a true testimony to this simple love of the wonders that surround us, this altruistic love which guarantees a life full of meaning.

Matthieu Ricard exhibition in Paris

An emblematic monument of modern Paris

The Grande Arche de la Défense, 110 meters high, is an emblematic monument of modern Paris. Its monumental cubic structure houses a thought-provoking photography museum, and the huge rooftop terrace offers sweeping views of the City of Love.

Exhibition Hymn to Beauty by Matthieu Ricard ,

Parvis de la Defense 92044 DEFENSE

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