After “OSS 117“, Jean Dujardin and Nicolas Bedos meet again this time for a series called “Alphonse” with Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Jean Dujardin soon in a series
Alphonse, a new series with Jean Dujardin

A mini series

Prime Video has just presented to the press its new projects, particularly in terms of series, expected for the next few months on the platform. One of the very big announcements is called Alphonse, a mini series in which we will find Nicolas Bedos (creation and production) with Jean Dujardin (also at the origin of the project) in the cast, surrounded by Charlotte Gainsbourg, Nicole Garcia and Pierre Arditi.

Jean Dujardin in a series with Nicolas Bedos

“A Parisian gentleman”

Jean Dujardin leaves his OSS 117 costume here to replace it with that of Alphonse, a “Parisian gentleman” whose main mission is to satisfy all the desires and wishes of the women he meets. The director told American media Variety that it will be “a colorful series carried by a great cast, with an original story tackling the relationship between men and women in a way that should find some resonance in today’s world. . Filming will begin in Paris in June and the series should complete the platform’s catalog in November 2023.

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