Emmanuel Macron will stay five more years at the Elysée. He has been re-elected president of France, Sunday, April 24, against Marine Le Pen.

A serious warning for Macron

Emmanuel Macron is re-elected President of France. He won a second term, Sunday, April 24, against Marine Le Pen with 58.5% of the vote against 41.5% for the far-right candidate. Marine Le Pen is progressing by 7.6 points compared to 2017. However, Emmanuel Macron is doing less well than five years ago, when he had totaled 66.1% of the vote. This significant tightening testifies to the progress of Marine Le Pen’s ideas in the French electorate, despite this third failure of his camp in the second round of the presidential election. It also sounds like a serious warning for Emmanuel Macron and his troops, as the hope of a victory for the far right remains among some, in view of the next presidential election, in 2027.

Emmanuel Macron re-elected president of France
The French president Macron has been re-elected, Copyright : Elisabeth Perotin

A complicated mandate

This renewal at the Élysée comes at the end of a complicated mandate for Emmanuel Macron, marked by the anger of the ” Gilets jaunes” (yellow vests), the mobilization against the pension reform, the Covid-19 and the multiple confinements and curfews imposed and , in the home stretch of the campaign, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Emmanuel Macron also declared himself late, announcing his candidacy for the presidential election only at the beginning of March, a little more than five weeks before the first round of the ballot.

The worst deficit

During his mandate, Emmanuel Macron will have to face the complicated economic situation of France. Apart from the growth already amputated by the situation in Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron will have to deal with inflation. While it was around 4.5% in March, it could accelerate during the second term of the newly re-elected president due to the food shortage, affecting purchasing power, the first big concern of the French. If Emmanuel Macron has faced the health crisis, he will nevertheless have to suffer the consequences. With a trade deficit amounting to 84.7 billion euros, the worst in its history, and a debt at 112.9% of GDP in 2021, or 2813.1 billion euros, France risks borrowing massively again, while interest rates continue to climb.

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