If you want to know everything about perfume, its history and its manufacturing secrets, only one address: the International Museum of Perfumery in Grasse.

The secrets of perfumery

The visit of Le musée de la Parfumerie sets the tone: from the cultivation of perfume plants to the marketing techniques of the bottle, you will discover how perfume is made. History of Grasse, Grasse flowers, olfactory quiz, digital personalization of your bottle, it’s all there! The visit continues with media spaces (videos, exhibitions), which will lead you to the greenhouse, a superb olfactory garden where visitors can discover some of the raw materials most used in perfumery.

Musée de la Parfumerie in Grasse
Musée de la parfumerie in Grasse

A wonderful olfactory journey

If you like history, discover during your visit to the International Museum of Perfumery in Grasse, a floor dedicated to perfumery through the centuries. The extraordinary collections of the MIP will help you discover some little marvels such as Marie-Antoinette’s travel kit: an absolutely incredible object that you must stop in front of! The Museum has been able to vary the educational materials so that everyone can enjoy the visit at their own pace. Then head to the basement to discover the scientific aspect of perfumery (techniques for extracting essences, synthetic molecules, etc.) and end your visit with the shop.

Musée de la Parfumerie in Grasse
Musée de la parfumerie in Grasse

A greenhouse

In the museum, you can also discover The Greenhouse of the International Perfume Museum . You will learn in particular that the essential oils extracted can come from different parts of the plant: root, leaf, flower, wood… You will discover very exotic materials such as vetiver, vanilla, sandalwood or even patchouli and thanks to the menu of the world, you will know where your favorite essences come from. The plus: olfactory boxes are placed in front of each perfume plant, allowing you to smell the essence once extracted. The Greenhouse is to be discovered throughout the seasons to see different blooms.

Musée International de la parfumerie

 2 Bd du Jeu de Ballon, 06130 Grasse

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