Julianne Moore will be one of the international stars present at the Cannes Film Festival, she will come to present her latest film alongside Jesse Eisenberg.

Screened at the Sundance Festival

Jesse Eisenberg’s first feature film screened at the Sundance Festival, When You Finish Saving The World was chosen as the opening film of Critics’ Week. Jesse Eisenberg‘s first feature film as a director, produced as a bonus by Emma Stone, brings together the immense Julianne Moore and Finn Wolfhard, revealed in Stranger Things. The first plays an activist at the head of a shelter for victims of domestic violence, and the mother of the second, a star musician of a fictional social network who is totally disconnected from the misery of the world.

Julianne Moore

takes place over three decades

Carried by Julianne Moore and Finn Wolfhard, this film takes place over three decades and follows three members of a family: Nathan, a young man who discovers fatherhood, Rachel, a student who seeks to find her place in the world and within of her romantic relationship and Ziggy, a teenager in search of his origins

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